Boiler Stack

Flue gases that are generated in the boiler raise to a certain height with the help of a chimney fan. Stacks are self supported.

Chimneys are manufactured from St37 carbon steel or stainless steel.
Production is made obeying with clients project and requirement.
It ensures that the gas is transferred to the chimney by creating a pressure difference.

The Round chimney is manufactured from carbon steel at a sufficient material thickness to be self-supporting.
The unit has a deflector at the top of the chimney to protect the inside from rain and snow. The chimney includes a cleaning door, condensing sleeve, and lifting hook. It is insulated with a carbon steel sheet both to prevent condensation and to increase draught.

The stack will be insulated in order to stop condensation.
A piece of 50 mm socket will be mounted on the stack at viewing platform height to allow placement of the sensor into the flue gas stream.
The inner wall of the chimney is made of AISI 304 stainless material. The outer wall is made of S235JR material. In between, there will be rock wool insulation.
Cat ladder