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ISIMEK was established in 2002 as an engineering and contracting company. Isımek designs and manufactures Biomass fired boilers in accordance with Turkish and European norms in its own facilities.

A new factory building has been completed in 2022, Isımek operates on a total area of 8,000 m² including a closed area of 6,000 m²  and an open area of 2,000 m².

We manufacture biomass-fired industrial type Boilers and equipment by making use of solar energy, which is a 100% renewable energy source, with a GES (Solar Power Plant) with a capacity of 260 kW installed on the roof of the Isımek factory. Besides this, ISIMEK submits surplus energy for the use of our country.

Our industrial-type boilers such as steam, hot water, hot oil, water tube, and fluid type are fired by dry sawdust, wet sawdust, sawdust, tree bark, wood waste, pomace, sunflower seed shell, nut shell, pellet, straw, vegetable, and RDF By burning waste fuels with low economic value, such as waste fuels, you will contribute to your company budget and get back your investment cost in a short period.

Moving grate, Front furnace, Hopper, Multi-cyclone filter, Recuperator, Chimney fan, Chimney, Deaerator tank, Condensate tank, Jet pulse bag filter, Furan and Dioxin Filter, Electric control panel, PLC remote automation system, Ground concrete or steel moving floor sawdust silo, Chain elevator, dust collection systems, modular sawdust silo, bitumen, and asphalt storage tanks are in our product range.

With our Isımek Brand Industrial Biomass Boilers, sawdust with a maximum moisture content of 50% is burned without drying with a moving grate.

We manufacture suitable solutions with our R&D, project, and design team in line with the demands of our customers.

Our products have low emission and carbon values.

It contributes to sustainable production and life.

Systems supported by automation can be controlled via PLC screen according to customer demand.

ISIMEK exports to many countries today. We have products in countries such as Albania, Australia, Belarus, Bulgaria, Algeria, Libya, Cameroon, Kazakhstan, Greece, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Ukraine, and Tunisia.


ISIMEK was established as an engineering and contracting company,

ISIMEK was established in 2002 as an engineering and contracting company, institutionalized by achieving continuous growth over time, always producing with advanced technologies without sacrificing customer satisfaction and quality, with its subcontractors and more than 100 personnel in a closed area of 2.000 m². , Heat Centers, Industrial Facilities,

Continuing to be one of the leading manufacturers in Turkey by manufacturing both domestically and abroad in Pressure Vessels and Turnkey Contracting works, it contributes to employment, which is also important for the country's economy.

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