Condensate Tank

Condensate tanks are used to feed the main water to the boiler via feed water pumps and to collect the condensate returning from the lines.
Condensate tanks are made of St37 quality carbon steel and after being painted with corrosion-resistant paint, they are insulated with 80 kg/m3 density and 50 mm thick rock wool, galvanized / aluminum sheet.
- The energy obtained by collecting the treated hot condensate in the condensate tank and feeding it back to the boiler significantly increases the fuel consumption efficiency.

Condensate tanks are equipped with a magnetic level indicator, electric level controller, and water inlet solenoid valve.
The condensate tank is in the cylindrical horizontal form of a heater and insulated with 80 kg/m³ 50mm rock wool cladding with an aluminum embossed finish. Complete within and out nozzles which are together with necessary armatures.