Electrical Panel and Automation


1- According to the changes in the amount of energy needed by the system, the boiler's combustion and combustion instruments (Chimney, Combustion Fan, Secondary Fans, Chip Feeding Coil, Moving Grid) PID works fully automatically with PLC control between 100% and 25% of the boiler capacity, by adjusting their speed with frequency inverters.

BENEFITS OF PID OPERATION: Electric energy, Fuel and Water savings

2- Measurement and control instruments in the boiler (flue gas oxygen analyzer, economizer inlet temperature, flue gas temperature, combustion chamber temperatures, combustion chamber vacuum value, combustion air temperature, water outlet and inlet temperatures in hot water and superheated water boilers, water level steam pressure in steam boilers ) PLC reads and processes all the values of the boiler. Plc optimizes the efficiency of fuel combustion and flue gas values and reflects the incoming values to the HMI operator touch panel.

3- If the upper and lower limit values of the PLC measured values are exceeded and all instruments are in the fault state, the HMI reflects it as a warning to the panel (High-low temperature,
such as high low pressure, fan failure, hydraulic failure, low and high water) stops the system if necessary.

4- By connecting the PLC system to the internet line, the HMI Panel can be monitored and controlled by the operator or business officials via PC and mobile phones. For any malfunction or update, Isımek company officials connect to the system and intervene quickly and implement solutions that will least affect the operation of the facility.


Electric panel