Heat Exchanger

In simple terms, an economizer is a heat exchanger.
Economizers are heat recovery devices that use the heat of the flue gas to meet the boiler feed water or the energy needed at a point where heat is needed.
ISIMEK economizers are insulated in order to minimize heat losses.

The exhaust from the boilers is generally in the temperature range of 200°C – 250°C, so there are a huge amount of losses from the boiler if any heat recovery devices are not installed after it.

If the exhaust gases which are leaving the Boiler at such high temperature is made to pass through the Economiser in order to provide the required sensible heat to the water by increasing its temperature, it will reduce the heat load on the boiler to the greater extent.

Economisers are designed to recover heat from boiler exhaust gasses at the steam, heat or power generation plants. The heating capacity of boiler exhaust gasses is transferred to the incoming boiler feed water, increasing the overall boiler thermal efficiency. The most economical way to improve efficiency of a boiler system is the usage of an economiser behind the boiler

ISIMEK economizers can be manufactured in accordance with the boiler fuel type and model.