Multi-cyclone Filter

The Multi cyclone filter is manufactured by using certified sheet metal and special cast cyclones complying with EN 10025. It collects ashes which are resulting from the combustion before reaching the chimney. Ashes separate from the flue gas in the cyclones with the effect of centrifugal force and collect in the ash-wheeled bucket. At first, Rockwool is laid and afterward, it is insulated with aluminum or galvanized sheet on 50mm rock wool.
The following materials are placed on the multi-cyclone filter.
There are the following products on the soot holder.
-Top cover (for cleaning cyclones)
-Rotary valve (operated with gear unit to prevent ash jamming. min.0.75kW)
-Bottom cover (to eliminate ash jams)

Type: IMS/90
Quantity: 1 piece
ISIMEK branded multi-cyclones are used to capture ashes and soot in the flue gas so that the other equipment of the system is not damaged by this ash and to eliminate the soot more easily.

ISIMEK multi-cyclones are manufactured from heat and corrosion-resistant material and by consisting of many small cyclones in a unique body.